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What Are Best Flooring Options In Dubai For A Fancy Interior Look?

Choosing the ideal flooring in Dubai for your house is extremely important since it influences the way it looks and feels. It’s not just about having a floor to walk on; it’s also about creating a comfortable and elegant atmosphere in your house, depending on your preferences. Your choice of flooring can reveal a lot about your taste and character. 

So, if you want your home to look upscale and stylish, choosing the proper type of flooring is necessary. Here at Liger Interiors, we offer you a variety of excellent flooring solutions that will enhance the finesse and elegance of your home.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice because it is always fashionable and has a timeless appeal. It adds warmth and elegance to any room it’s in. Whether you favor the rich tones of oak, the subtle grain of maple, or the glossy shade of cherry, there is a wood species to suit your interior design aesthetic.

One of the most significant advantages of hardwood flooring is its durability and ease of maintenance. They can handle high foot traffic and are resistant to scratches and stains, making them ideal for busy households. Furthermore, hardwood floors age elegantly, producing a distinct gloss over time that contributes to the character and beauty of your house.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

If you want flooring in Dubai for your space to seem fancy without breaking the bank, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are an excellent choice. They resemble hardwood or stone but are significantly more durable and water-resistant. This means you may achieve the exquisite look you desire without worrying about your floors being harmed quickly. Furthermore, they are less expensive than real hardwood or stone, making them an excellent solution for those on a tight budget.

Luxury vinyl planks are also rather simple to install, which contributes to their popularity. They do not require any specialist expertise or tools to install, so you can save money on installation charges. And once installed, they don’t require much maintenance. You can keep them looking good with just frequent cleaning, which is far easier than maintaining real hardwood or stone floors. Overall, luxury vinyl planks are a good alternative for anyone who wants to make their home look luxurious.

Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is like having a bit of luxury in your home. It’s fancy because it appears so beautiful, with those fancy lines going through it and a shining surface that sparkles in the sun. People say it makes a space feel extremely unique as if you were living in a palace or something. However, you must keep it clean and bright at all times, which requires that you care for it regularly. Well, if you enjoy the high-class lifestyle and want your home to look great, investing in the effort to keep marble at its finest is completely worthwhile.

Marble flooring isn’t only elegant; it’s also endless. That is, they never truly go out of style. So, even if you tire of your pink walls or fluffy carpet, your marble flooring will remain as elegant as ever. It is similar to making a long-term investment in the style of your home. It’s not only about how it looks; marble also feels cool underfoot, especially on hot summer days in Dubai. It’s like having your own little cool space in the house!


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Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is like a superhero of flooring solutions in Dubai, combining the inherent beauty of real wood with added durability. It is constructed by stacking layers of wood veneer with a solid hardwood layer on top. This unique architecture provides it an advantage over standard hardwood because it can withstand moisture and temperature changes better. That means it won’t warp or buckle like ordinary wood, making it ideal for problematic areas such as basements or rooms with underfloor heating.

So, why is engineered hardwood such a huge deal? Imagine having flooring that looks like genuine hardwood yet isn’t disturbed by moisture or heat. That is the miracle of engineered hardwood. It’s like having the best of both worlds: the beauty of real wood and the strength to withstand whatever life throws at it. Furthermore, because it is so robust, you may install it in areas where traditional hardwood may struggle to keep in shape.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an excellent option for environmentally conscious households looking to make long-term decisions. It grows extremely quickly, unlike hardwood trees, which can take decades to mature, making it a rapidly renewable resource. This means that bamboo can be harvested without creating permanent environmental damage. Bamboo flooring is very resilient and has a distinct grain pattern, which adds flair and endurance to your home decor.

Another advantage of bamboo flooring is its ability to withstand wetness and scratches. This makes it ideal for households with active children or pets. You won’t have to worry about spills or scratches damaging your lovely floors. Plus, because bamboo is so resilient, you won’t have to replace your flooring as frequently, which is beneficial to both your budget and the environment.

Travertine Flooring

Travertine flooring stands out for its cool and natural appearance. People cherish it because it is unlike other floors in that it has earthy colors and subtle changes in appearance, making it seem warm and cozy. Travertine in your home exudes an air of old-fashioned charm combined with current style.

Even while travertine is not as tough as marble, it is still extremely durable. You may position it in areas where a lot of people walk, and it will not get messed up quickly. Plus, because of its bumpy surface, it is not slippery, so you won’t slide and fall. This means that travertine flooring can provide both functionality and aesthetic value to your home.


Choosing the right flooring solutions in Dubai is essential for making your home look elegant and classy inside. You know, like those magnificent homes you see in magazines or posh hotels. There are various flooring options available, including hardwood, luxury vinyl, and marble. Each has its own distinct mood, allowing you to select the one that best suits your personal style.

When you select a flooring type that you really like and have it placed by Liger Interior flooring professionals using high-quality materials, it can completely change the vibe of your house. It’s similar to giving your home a makeover to make it look incredibly stylish and sophisticated. Not only that, but it demonstrates your distinct taste and makes your guests say, “Wow!” when they enter.

So, by investing in really good flooring and getting it installed properly, you’re basically turning your home into this amazing, chic place that feels like your own personal retreat.

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