Design & Drawings

At Liger Interiors, we conceptualize, design and execute projects in a budget-friendly and timely manner. Our Interior design & drawing package includes everything from meeting the client, understanding their requirements, taking measurements on site and accordingly curating unique designs while providing 2D as well as 3D drawings when required. The 2D drawings we provide have a detailed space plan which shows how the furniture and other elements will look around the given area and our 3D views are photo realistic which gives our client an exact idea of what to expect once their space is designed and the project is complete.

We would further like to elaborate on our design and drawings element of the projects we handle. Liger Interiors provides full-service interior design including extensive design development and detailed drawings as part of our complete offerings for clients in Dubai and other parts of UAE. Our expert team works closely with clients to bring their unique vision to life through the design process.

Design & Drawings

Initial Concept Designs

Our designers begin by gaining a deep understanding of your style, needs and preferences through and in person consultation session. By adding our own ideas, we translate your desired look, feel and functionality into the initial design concept reflecting your input. These early conceptual sketches and 2D drawings outline the furniture layout, placement of floor objects, particular sizes, and discussion of materials, to match your goals. We refine the concepts a few times until you’re satisfied we’ve captured your interior design vision.

Detailed Floorplans in 2D

Once the overall conceptual direction is established, we develop thorough technical floorplans outlining precise room dimensions, exact furniture placement, millwork details (if required), and close the 2D aspect of the project. These plans ensure every element aligns with your functional requirements. We pay careful attention to traffic flows, seating capacity, storage solutions, and specialized zones within the space. Our floorplans balance aesthetics, practicality and usage needs for the space.

3D Images

In addition to 2D floorplans, our designers can create realistic images of your space including the real time furniture, décor, flooring, wall paint colour, lighting and other elements that we have chosen through our discussions. These 3D images are provided to help the client understand and imagine the finishes, wall treatments, amount of lighting (at times) and every corner detail in short what the final look of their space would be once the project is completed and ready for handover.

We would like to inform all our clients that as 3D images come at an additional cost, it is not mandatory to choose it as an option if you are working with us. All our packages are customized to the need of our client and in cases where drawings are not required we provide simple consultations or on-site guidance too.

Technical Drawings and Specifications

In addition to aesthetically oriented drawings and discussions, we also develop precise technical drawings if needed by the contractor for basic renovation works.

Furniture and Finish Selections

A key part of the design phase involves selecting attractive, high-quality furniture, fabrics, finishes, and fixtures that bring your aesthetic to life. Our designer will help you in selecting flooring materials, countertops, wall colors, art, lighting, fabrics, furniture pieces and other details. We guide you in finalizing every item that contributes to the overall look, feel and functionality.

Liger Interiors Co. LLC delivers full-scope design services culminating in thoroughly developed drawings and specifications to transform any interior space. The tailor made designs for our Dubai and other Emirates clients make their vision a reality. Contact Liger Interiors based in Dubai today to get started with your exciting interior design project.