Latest Trends in Accent Wall Designs in Dubai

In Dubai, when you’re making fancy interiors, accent wall designs in Dubai add style to your perspective. These special walls can make your home feel super luxurious and posh. A few standout pieces can make you feel like you’re in a different world, surrounded by luxury and elegance.

If you’re keen on adding a touch of personality and style to your living spaces, you’re in the right place. You will learn about the fascinating world of accent walls and the hottest trends captivating Dubai residents’ hearts.

Minimalist Design for Timeless Elegance

In a city like Dubai, where sleek and sophisticated aesthetics reign supreme, minimalist accent walls are popular for those seeking understated elegance. But what exactly constitutes a minimalist design?

Minimalist design is all about keeping things simple yet stylish. Liger Interiors offers the best Accent Wall Design in Dubai. Four classic styles effortlessly blend minimalist aesthetics with a touch of sophistication:

Board and Batten

This style involves vertical boards with narrower strips in between. It creates a structured and cohesive appearance, blending modern and traditional vibes.

Wainscoting/Box Molding

Wainscoting or box molding adds a touch of sophistication by installing wooden panels or molding along the lower part of the wall. It adds refinement without being too flashy—one of the best Accent Wall designs in Dubai for homes.

Beadboard Paneling

Beadboard panelling is a classic choice for minimalist accent walls. Beadboard panelling uses narrow wooden planks lined vertically with small gaps between them. It gives your wall a subtle texture and keeps it looking neat.

Wallpaper with Traditional Pattern

Even though it’s minimalist, wallpaper with subtle patterns like stripes or flowers can make your accent wall elegant. Choose muted tones to keep it classy and not too busy.

Why go minimalist? It’s all about creating a calm, focused atmosphere by cutting out clutter. Plus, it fits perfectly with Dubai’s modern feel. So, if you love clean lines and subtle hues, minimalist design is the way to go for Accent Wall Designs in Dubai.

Accent Wall Designs In Dubai
Accent Wall Design Dubai

Rustic Design for a Luxurious Look

Even though the rustic style is traditionally found in rural areas, it’s also become popular in Dubai’s busy city scene. It adds personality and warmth to your home, giving it a touch of countryside charm amidst the urban hustle and bustle. Liger Interiors presents three rustic designs that give a fancy feel to accent walls in Dubai.

Rustic designs offer warmth and character for a cabin vibe or an urban loft feel. Embrace the timeless appeal of reclaimed wood for a touch of rustic luxury in your home!


Brick walls bring a cosy and historic vibe to any room. They add warmth and a touch of tradition to modern Dubai homes.


Shiplap are wooden boards with grooves that fit together. It’s popular for its relaxed and beachy look. Using shiplap on accent walls in Dubai adds a coastal charm to the interiors.


Natural stone, like marble or slate, brings luxury and elegance. Stone accent walls in Dubai homes offer a timeless and classy feel, perfect for creating a lavish atmosphere.

Are you planning to transform your space into a symphony of style and comfort?

Art Deco Impact for Aesthetically Pleasing Design

With its bold geometric patterns, lavish materials, and abundant details, Art Deco design is the epitome of luxury and sophistication of accent wall design in Dubai. At Liger Interiors, we’ve curated a selection of Art Deco-inspired accent wall designs that capture the essence of this iconic style. Each design exudes timeless elegance and refinement, from intricate fretwork to gilded finishes.

Let’s talk about three ways to make your accent wall design in Dubai look stunning with Art Deco style.

Statement Furniture

Choose bold and luxurious furniture pieces, like fancy sofas or elegant chairs, to make your accent wall stand out. These pieces add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your space.

Large-Scale Accessories

Add oversized mirrors, fancy chandeliers, or bold artwork to your accent wall. These larger-than-life accessories create a sense of drama and glamour.

Vintage Accessories

Bring in some old-school charm with vintage accessories that capture the spirit of the 1920s. Look for decorative vases, sculptures, or ornate clocks to add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your accent wall designs in Dubai.

So, which Wall Art Deco design is stealing the spotlight in Dubai? It’s all about embracing bold patterns and luxurious materials, such as metallic accents and mirrored surfaces. Whether you’re channelling the chic sophistication or the timeless glamour, Art Deco accent walls add a touch of drama and intrigue to any space.

Pro Tips to Create Accent Wall Designs in Dubai

Selecting the right colour for your accent wall can make all the difference. Select a shade that complements your existing decor while adding contrast. Consider lighter shades like sandy beige or pearl white in Dubai to brighten your space. With the perfect colour, your accent wall will become the room’s focal point, instantly elevating your interior design game.