About Us

Liger Interiors is a Dubai based interior decoration firm specializing in providing soft furnishings and decorative items for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces. Our interior designers are skilled to hand pick and choose some of the most unique pieces for your home  or office. We work together with some of the well known décor shops in the UAE, local artists and have teamed up with manufacturers to create rare items that will glam up your space. We ensure that the project meets your budget and suits your personal design needs and expectations. Whether it involves a single room or an entire layout, we are here to add the final touches to your space using the creative minds of our expert designers.

From selecting furniture to showpieces, from curtains to wallpapers, from planters to rugs, we have a solution to make your space look brand new. We at Liger Interiors are here to plan the design for you with the ease of suggesting ideas you may have never seen before. We are there at every step from design concept till execution.

We are confident that Liger Interiors provides unparalleled decorative solutions with outstanding quality of work.

Our Concept

We believe it’s easier to find a home or office than to decorate it. Once you have the layout of your choice, we at Liger are here to help you turn it into your dream space. Without the use of massive fit out and turnkey solutions we are here to
decorate and provide soft furnishings to the existing place.

“If you are confused about which vase looks better for your living room or which curtain suits your bedroom, we are here to make the right decision for you.”

Liger Interior Designing Concept