Feature Wall

Liger Interiors specializes in creating feature walls with unique ideas from our designer. We use materials such as wood, gypsum, wallpapers and more to design a wall that will take your breath away. Our designer spends quality time with the client in understanding the exact requirements as well as knowing what the client wants as their final outcome. Based on the conversation, the designer then plans out a beautiful feature wall mixing different elements & colours that will suit the overall space. Feature walls provide an eye-catching focal point and bold design statement in any interior. The interior design experts at Liger Interiors Co. LLC help clients integrate beautiful feature walls that instantly become the highlight of their spaces. Read further to know more about our feature wall element of designing.

Feature Wall - Liger Interiors

Defining Feature Walls

A feature wall is a single wall decorated or finished in a way that sets it apart from other walls in the room. It draws attention as a key decorative element. Feature walls provide ample creative possibilities to add accent colors, striking textures, artistic murals, dramatic materials or backlit patterns setting the mood for the whole space. A thoughtfully designed feature wall gives rooms extra interest, personality and style.

Choosing Wall Locations

The most impactful feature walls are on the main wall seen upon entering a room or the wall behind seating areas. We consider sightlines and furniture layouts to optimize visibility. The feature wall could be behind a bed, sofa, desk or dining table to catch the eye. We also look for walls with fewer openings and obstructions for the boldest treatments. Highlighting architectural details like niches, the fireplace or built-ins is another option.


One of the most commonly used and beautiful approach to creating a feature wall is by covering the wall with a well-designed and unique wallpaper. We install high quality wallpapers based on the overall look of the space. The wallpapers are selecting along with the client keeping in mind their preferences yet guiding them to what will look best. These days wallpapers come in immense number of choices and ranges in cost too. Luxurious patterns and textures create dramatic impact where as simple and minimalistic patterns create a soothing look where ever needed.


Another common form of creating a feature wall in Dubai is by painting it with a different colour from rest of the area. A bold and bright colour can make that particular wall stand out and create a focal point. These days textured wall painting is a technique that’s widely used to create some amazing designs on the wall which make it look like a wallpaper but is obviously more permanent.

Millwork (also known as wall mouldings)

One of the favorite kind of feature wall option at Liger Interiors is the use of wall mouldings. By using wooden, PVC or gypsum trims we create some beautiful designs on the wall that replicate an ancient mansion feel while still shouting out modern due the rest of the setup in the space. Seen in many houses in Dubai and other Emirates, wall moulding have been a hit with all our clients until this day and we continue suggesting these as a feature wall for most of our projects.

Artworks & Wall sculptures

Imagine a massive artwork hanging on one wall of the area looking grand (like everything in Dubai) and captivating! At Liger Interiors we encourage our clients to always go for artworks that are huge because it directly converts a particular wall into a featured one. Without great efforts and almost zero-time consumption methods, it is easy to source large sized painting or sculptures to change the look of a wall. Hence, artworks or sculptures make a great feature wall option.