Every room speaks the language of the person living in it and therefore choosing the right wallpapers for your walls is extremely important. Most wallpapers look attractive as an image but once they are installed on a large wall they may look shabby or overwhelming to the human eyes. Our designer based in Dubai, personally visits the client’s space to choose the right wallpapers for them or suggest some of the best designs in the market today. A wallpaper needs to be chosen based on the other furniture and elements around so that the patterns and colours don’t clash. Wallpaper opens up endless possibilities to instantly transform any interior. The wallpaper experts at Liger Interiors Co. LLC help clients in Dubai find the perfect wallpapers to reinvigorate their environments.


Benefits of Wallpaper installation:

Wallpapers offers advantages over paint alone when redecorating. It allows you to choose from limitless prints and textures impossible with paint. We can also effortlessly change the feel from modern to traditional or vice versa. Wallpapers can be included in any room or area of the house. It is an affordable design update when renovating. Wallpaper injects energy and creativity into spaces.

Uses of Wallpaper

Enhancing Aesthetics:

Wallpaper is primarily used to enhance the visual appeal of a space. It offers a wide array of design choices, from classic patterns to modern, bold designs, allowing homeowners in Dubai to express their style.

Creating Focal Points:

Wallpapers can be used strategically to create focal points in a room. A single accent wall with a unique wallpaper design can draw attention and add depth to the overall decor.

Concealing Imperfections:

It can be an excellent solution for covering up minor imperfections on walls, such as small cracks or uneven surfaces, providing a smoother appearance.


Wallpapers allows individuals to personalize their living spaces. Whether it’s a child’s room adorned with playful patterns or a minimalist office with subtle textures, it can reflect the occupant’s personality.

The Cost Element to consider:

The cost of wallpaper can vary widely depending on several factors:

Material: Different materials come at different price points. Vinyl wallpapers are usually more affordable than high-end fabric or designer wallpapers.

Design: Elaborate and custom designs tend to be more expensive than simple patterns. Designer wallpapers from well-known brands can also be pricier.

Installation: Professional installation may incur additional costs, but it ensures a seamless and long-lasting finish.

Quantity: The size of the area to be covered impacts the overall cost. Larger rooms or multiple rooms will require more wallpaper and, consequently, a higher budget.

Maintenance: Wallpaper is generally low maintenance, but it’s essential to factor in the long-term costs of cleaning and maintenance when considering its overall affordability.

How we can help you through this journey:

  • Selecting locations to highlight with wallpaper like entryways, accent walls, hallways or as framing.
  • Choosing patterns suited to your room and architectural style of the house.
  • Considering practicalities like durability, acoustic needs, moisture resistance.
  • Tailoring to room lighting: Glossy finishes illuminate dark spaces.
  • Evaluating installation requirements of each type based on walls.
  • Requesting samples to view textures, sheen and color accuracy.

We specify patterns and placement to maximize your wallpaper impact.

Installation Expertise:

Our experienced wallpaper installers in Dubai prepare surfaces for smooth, successful application in residential or commercial spaces. We handle special finishes like ceilings, stairs, and corners. Renew your rooms with stylish, imaginative wallpapers tailored to your Dubai property.