Usually the final step of an Interior design project involves painting the walls to give it a fresh and completed look. With the endless colour options available in Dubai for paints today, it is necessary for a professional to help you with the right choice for your home or office. Despite having a great design overall, extremely dark or light paint colours can instantly spoil the wow factor of a space. It is also necessary to know that there may be a single wall that demands a striking paint colour to uplift the overall space while sometimes it’s necessary to leave the entire space plain white. In the world of interior design, painting isn’t merely an afterthought. It’s an essential component that can make or break the aesthetic of a space. Liger Interiors understands this and has built a reputation for its impeccable painting services, which are tailor-made to enhance residential and commercial spaces. Let’s dive in further to understand the importance of painting.


Why do we need to paint?

Before jumping into the vast array of services offered, it’s important to grasp the transformative potential of paint. While furniture, accessories, and layout are significant, paint sets the room’s mood and complements other design elements. Liger Interiors treats painting not just as a task but as an art form, enhancing the atmosphere of any space.

The Painting Process

Personalized Consultation:

We begin with a detailed consultation to understand the client’s vision and the nuances of the space. Our expert designers consider factors such as natural light, room function, and existing furnishings, ensuring that the chosen paint harmonizes with the room’s essence.

Expert Color Selection:

In Dubai the paint palette is endless. Whether a client desires muted tones or vibrant hues, we assist in navigating the sea of options. They ensure the selected colour enhances the design & doesn’t overshadow it.

Highlighting Features:

Recognizing that not all walls are created equal, we often recommend accent walls, using striking paint colours to highlight architectural features or create focal points.

Quality Assurance:

Using only the highest quality paints, we ensure longevity and a pristine finish. We prioritize attention to detail, ensuring even coatings, and crisp edges.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Our process begins by getting to know you. Understanding how you live day to day, what design aesthetics appeal most, which spaces you use frequently, and special needs like allergies or mobility allows us to shape home decor that fits you perfectly. We learn your vision for the mood, functionality and ambiance.

Beyond Walls

Liger Interiors doesn’t stop at walls. Our painting services extend to ceilings, mouldings, doors, and even cabinetry. Each surface requires a unique approach and our experts have mastered the art of painting them all, ensuring uniformity and cohesiveness in design.

Maximizing Aesthetics with the Right Finish

Beyond just the colour, the finish of the paint plays an instrumental role in determining the aura of a space. Whether it’s the glossy sheen of a high-gloss finish or the muted sophistication of matte, the choice of finish can significantly alter a room’s vibe.

Paint, when used thoughtfully, can revitalize a space. Liger Interiors Co. LLC not only appreciates this but has perfected the skill to paint. Their painting services, backed by a team of professionals, promise a result that’s aesthetically pleasing, durable, and tailored to individual needs. As clients embark on their design journey with us, they can rest assured that every brush stroke will be in service of their vision, culminating in spaces that resonate with beauty and charm.