Villanova- Larosa 2, Dubai

Larosa 2, in Villanova is a remarkable community by Dubai properties which has some beautiful houses that have been designed by Liger Interiors. The town houses here are made more elegant by Liger Interior’s feature wall designs, herringbone flooring installation as well as impeccable furniture selection to match the overall look of the space.

Spanning approximately 1800 sq ft, the Larosa 2 town houses are being designed by Liger Interiors to resonate with luxury and class. Notably, the ground floor has been carefully divided into a sufficient dining area as well as a relaxing living room for the family to enjoy and the large windows serve as an extraordinary view point of the lush lawn behind.

Liger Interiors carefully chooses a theme and colours that reflect an individual’s personality and make them feel at home. We treat every project as a unique one and add accents that will be timeless. Our Interior design ideas create an impression of solitude amidst neighboring villas, ensuring an exclusive and tranquil atmosphere. We stand as a prime example of elegant yet functional interior designers, redefining luxury living at an affordable cost in every aspect.