Damac Hills 1, Turf Community, Dubai

Liger Interior presents it’s excellent living and dining room design created for a villa in the lavish sanctuary of Damac Hills 1, Turf community. This Interior design masterpiece, meticulously designed by Liger Interiors in collaboration with their high grade contractors, is a contemporary work of art that seamlessly merges freshness and comfort. With a custom-designed fire place and wallpaper installation as the background, this living room has a focal point like no other. The selection of furniture provided by Liger Interiors bestows the privilege of making an individual feel at peace every single time they walk into the space.

We are the most affordable interior design company, but the experience of the entire design process at Liger Interiors is high-end where every detail has been thoughtfully designed to combine gorgeousness with unparalleled functionality. Welcome to our world where sophistication meets the serenity of city living.

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